In 2004 ECI was one the first companies to give small and mid-sized businesses an on demand IT “utility” company that turns on and off like a light switch and always works.  We were also innovators in the design and engineering of our data center as one of the first facilities to be completely constructed and powered by alternative “GREEN” energy.  The center has been off the grid since 2002, powered by solar, wind and geothermal systems.

Software as a service and managed networks were the ideas behind what we started but it has grown into a service and product mix that now is known as ITaaS – IT as a Service and ITaaUS – IT as a Utility Service.  Think of IT as a utility company just as the power to turn on the lights is always there and working when you flip the switch, so should IT be in a business environment.  With NetOffice and E3-IT products our services and products can and do produce a 25%-50% yearly savings in overall IT expenditures and the maintenance /support costs involved.