Business Incubation


    1. Mission: To establish an incubator framework to promote and accelerate the process of moving new technologies from prototype to commercialization, basic to applied science, and development to market delivery, utilizing the “best of the best” practices, integrating University, government, business, industry, and community resources and participation, and creating new small start-up businesses and jobs in the community. The acronym ASIM suggests the term “asim”, a word derived from Arabic noun meaning “a protector, guardian or defender.”(Source: Urban Dictionary)

    2. Procedures:

      1. Obtaining funding for the development and implementation of the framework.

      2. Create a model business incubation system

      3. Develop resource, research and training support systems

      4. Build a state-of-the-art teaching and testing factory

      5. Assist in commercializing specified DoD and Aerospace technologies

      6. Establish ten business industry cluster to maximize the commercial potential of technologies

      7. Develop and operate a virtual incubator communication system

      8. Implement a five year program to launch the technologies. The metrics of success of this program will be the following achievements: Training of 1000 youth to be entrepreneurs, generating 1200 new members/owners of small businesses, contributing to the increase of the local data base, and creating 200 high-paying, high value jobs.

      9. Start this program in existing facilities on “Campus” and in the surrounding community in the short term.