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On September 2012, the DEFT Linux project turned into a non-profit association, called “DEFT Association”, with the following mandate:

  1. Designing and developing the Gnu Linux distribution called DEFT (acronym for Digital Evidence & Forensics Toolkit) and some of the applications included in the system;
  2. Distributing the DEFT system free of charge and through any available technological means;
  3. Producing and distributing the documentation to guide responsible use of the system and all its applications;
  4. Creating a National and International reference point for the organization and coordination of events, training & ICT courses, conferences and meetings on the subject of Digital Forensics through the use of open source systems.

Anyone can join the DEFT Association and become a regular member, provided that he/she:

  1. Operates within the Digital Forensics field as an enthusiast, consultant or works with Law Enforcement Agencies;
  2. Shows interest in the subjects included in the social purpose of the Association;
  3. Is willing to dedicate an annual number of hours towards the betterment of projects undertaken by the DEFT Association.